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Clark and Associates Prosthetics and Orthotics has been serving the needs of their patients since 2002. A trusted name and leader in orthotics and prosthetics, Clark and Associates also works with diabetic footwear and post-mastectomy products.

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When you need diabetic footwear, a post-mastectomy fitting, a custom orthotic or off-the-shelf orthotic device, or a prosthetic leg, arm or hand, you can always count on Clark and Associates Prosthetics and Orthotics. Watch our informational video to learn more.

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August Newsletter

Back into the Swing of Things August is a natural time for getting back into your routines. If you have kids, they are going back to school; summer vacation season is coming to an end; fall activities are getting started. Yes, summer always does seem to go by quickly, lending credit to the well-known phrase […]

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Clark & Associates July Newsletter

  Stop and Smell the Roses Summer is in full swing, which means the kids are home, the weather is beautiful and it’s vacation time. Clark & Associates hopes you are able to spend some time on yourself this month, whether that means relaxing on your own with a good book, starting that exercising routine […]

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June Newsletter

Find Enjoyment this Summer For many of you and your families, summer has already started. Kids are out of school, the weather is consistently warm (finally!) and vacations and trips have been or are being planned. Yes, summer can get to be a busy time for many of us. Whatever your summer holds in store […]

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May Newsletter

New Things Coming into Bloom May is one of our favorite months at Clark & Associates. The showers of last month have given way to lush, green grass and leaves, colorful flowers in full bloom and more enjoyable weather. The transition from frozen arctic wasteland back to the beautiful Iowa we know is complete. May […]

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April Newsletter

Limb Loss Awareness Month: Watering the Seeds of Change April is a very special month. The weather begins to warm up, and the rain comes to nourish the seeds that have been planted. Aside from rain showers, April also brings Limb Loss Awareness Month and a chance to make the challenges and successes of amputees […]

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March Newsletter

The Beginning of Something New While it may not seem like it with the weather, March is a time when things begin to become new again. The official first day of spring comes later this month (March 20th), and we’ll hopefully begin to see a warm up in the weather and the first signs of […]

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February Newsletter

A Month for Love of All Kinds February is naturally a love-filled month, with it all culminating on Valentine’s Day on the 14th. However, there is more than just the love you have for significant other that can be expressed this month. It has been said that loving yourself is the first step in being […]

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